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Hello Beautiful!

My Story

The art of makeup and cosmetic permanent makeup has been my passion for many years. For the past 15 yrs I've played the role of Human Resources Manager and even though I loved what I did, makeup was always

what I felt I needed to pursuit. After leaving my field of Human Resources I went to school to learn as

much as I needed to, to give my clients the upmost professional experience and service they deserve.   


The best part about what I love to do, is seeing the reaction of my clients when they see their fresh new eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, eyelashes or beautiful nails, how their face lights ups with joy. It brings great

excitement and warms my heart that I brought joy and brightened someone's day. For this same reason

I strive to continue my studies to enhance my talent and give my clients my best self.


Thank you a million for taking the time to read about my passion of permanent makeup, hope to see you

soon, to give you the best service and experience you deserve.

Priscila Castillo (Mz Kitty)


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I'm always looking for new and exciting feedback, Let's connect.


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